Applying Patient Payments

            There are a couple of ways to get to the Patient Payments

            Click Billing tab > Payments:

            You can Create a Patient Payment under the Insurance screen:

                Click Insurance Payment:

                • Enter Insurance/Payer info
                • Enter the Amount
                • Select Method of payment
                • Click Create and Post

            Create Patient Payment (Collect new)

                Switch to Patient tab at the top:


                • Red - Patient - this is a drop down where you can select the patient the payment is from
                • Orange - Amount - type in the amount of the payment here
                • Green - Method - How was the payment taken
                • Blue - Reference Number, Clinic Location and Notes - If there is a check number or a transaction number you want to keep tract of and any notes about this payment (such as DOS or what the payment is for)
                • Yellow - Create and Upload - This will bring you to a new screen to upload a file to attach to this payment (such as a receipt or EOB)

                • Purple - Create and Post - This will create the payment and take you to the screen to post a payment to a Claim or General Store order
                  • Once clicked, it will automatically take you into the payments under Apply | Claims
                  • Please see below for applying payments

            Editing a Payment

                If you click on the Payment number, it will pull you into the payment with information

              Blue - Menu Bar - this will allow you to toggle through different parts of the payment

              Orange - Status - this is the status of the payment. Open - payment is still being applied. Closed- payment is applied

              Green - Amount/Method/Reference - this is the information that was placed in the payment as shown in the upper section. You can edit the information here if needed

              Black - Clinic location 

              Purple - Post Date - the date this was posted to the patient. It will default to the date the payment is created

              Yellow - Pinned Payment - please see article Pinned Payments for more information

              Pink - Patient/Appointment - this will show you the patient the payment is applied to and you can assign the payment to a specific appointment

              Red - Notes - this will allow you to edit any notes that have been added or give more information about the payment, If you change anything on this screen, make sure to Apply Changes

            Applying Payment to a Claim

              In the Apply | Claims tab, the patients name will appear at the top

              To add dates of service, click on the Add Date of Service:

              This will give you a pop-up:

              • Green - This will be the claim you are selecting to apply the payment to
              • If this payment is being applied to other patients as well:
                • Red - uncheck this box to see all patient claims
                • Blue - use the search bar to help filter the information
              • Orange - Add to Payment - this is all any checked claim box to the payments

              Once the payment has been added, click on the Date of Service you are adding a payment to. A new column on the right will show up to apply payment to:

              • Green - Paid - this will be the amount you will be applying to this claim
                • If there are multiple lines being paid towards, click on the line the payment is being applied to
              • Orange - Apply Changes - this will add the paid amount to the line

              If this is the end of the payment you can go back to the General Tab and change the status to Closed: