Charge Itemization

*** With our April 2022 release, we've added POS Codes, the ability to preset default choices, as well as the option to email an itemization report to the patient as well!***

Go into the Billing tab -> Reports -> Charge Itemization:

You will then get a screen where you have to input the following information: *All fields marked with a red asterisks are required.

  • Yellow- Patient *REQUIRED
  • Green- Case (insurance) *REQUIRED
  • Purple- Status: All, Open, Closed Orders (General Store)
  • Orange- Start Date *REQUIRED
  • Blue- End Date *REQUIRED
  • Pink- Additional notes you want to appear on the charge itemization
  • Brown- Save Default Field, Where you can set your default choices of what you would like to include or exclude.
  • Red- The Email/Print field, Which will allow you to either email the bill, or create a version you can fax to the patient.

When you click print, you will then get a PDF that will show detailed information about this patient

(Dates of Service, CPT codes, all Charges, Adjustments, Insurance/Patient payment, as well as POS codes)

If you need additional assistance, please email