Add/Edit CPT Codes

This can be done in the Billing -> Manage 

You will then see a new screen under the Procedure tab (the main tab selected when you click manage) that states the procedure codes in your system:

To edit the ones you want to remove, click on the pencil next to the code and you will get a pop-up. You will want to un-check the Active box on these ones: To create a new code you will use the Create button on the upper right hand side of the same screen: 

You will receive the same pop-up ad the edit, but it will be blank for you to fill out the information needed for the CPT Code: 

  • Red - Code - Add the CPT code you want here
  • Blue -Name - Name the code
  • Green - Rate - You facility rate for this code
  • Yellow - Timed - check if the code needs to be timed for insurance
  • Orange - Button - if you want to create a quick click button in the check out screen, you can edit it here. As well as, naming the button.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email support at