How To Bill a Secondary Insurance

*****With our February 2022 release, you now have the ability to bill a secondary insurance from the Billing>Claims tab***

To bill a secondary insurance:

You will want to go into the primary's payment for the claim.
(Billing tab -> Payment -> Click on payment number)

Once in there, you will go to the Apply | Claims tab, and click on the patient and DOS you want to send to the secondary insurance:

Click on one of the claim lines (if it not already showing the "Payment For" box)

In the "Payment For" box, there is a Status Drop-down menu. You will select Bill Secondary from this menu:

The page will then refresh and bring you to a Bill Secondary page:
Select the plan from the drop-down and click submit.

This will put this claim in your "Send Claim" bucket. In the type of claim is it being sent out as:

(Billing Tab -> Claims -> Send Claims or Billing Tab -> Encounter (Pre-claim) -> Send Claims button in the top left hand corner)

You will see that you have claims in the secondary slot. Click Submit or Print Submit and you are all done.

With our February 2022 release, You also have the option of generating Secondary claims using the 1500 option in claims. Within Billing -> Claims, When you select Option 9. Bill Secondary on CMS 1500 on the option drop-down, The selected claims will be billed by CMS 1500 forms to their secondary insurance companies.