Self Pay - Without a Claim

There are 2 different types of Self Pay. In this article, we will be explaining the Self Pay - Without a Claim.

This fake insurance company is used when you have a patient that is paying out of pocket for several reasons such as no insurance, not wanting to go through their insurance, or it is not therapy (Pilates or Yoga for example).

Please follow these steps to create you fake insurance company...

  1. Billing Tab
  2. Insurance Tab
  3. New 

  1. Name: Self Pay - No Claim
  2. with Billing Guidelines set as AMA
  3. The Claim Address is your own address
  4. Create Company
  5. Claim Tab
  6. Submission Method: NO Encounter/Claim
  7. Apply Changes
  8. Plan Tab
  9. Go into the Plan
  10. Un-check the Auth Required box
  11. Put your address in the Claim Address
  12. Apply Changes

You will not be taking payment in the Schedule Check Out screen. You will be taking payment in the General Store.

Just because you are not having a claim created does not mean you do not enter codes. You still have to enter CPT Codes for reporting purposes.

Do not make these appointments express check-in and out because with that setting it makes it so you can't enter CPT Codes