How to Make/Generate Statements

Creating a statement, the claim status will need to be set to Bill Patient.

Generating the statements will be located in the Billing tab -> Statements:

This page will bring you to a couple of options at the top of the page. These are the different buckets in which patients will fall into.

  • Red - Patients who have never been sent a statement that have a new balance
  • Green - All patients who have received a statement no matter the age of the statements
  • Purple - Aged buckets that a patient will fall into when a due date of a statement has reached a certain stage

In order to generate statements, you will start in one of the buckets above. (Recommended to use the Never Billing and All billed buckets)

On the inside of the bucket, it will give you some customize options:

  • Red - Above Address Remark: This is an area to add "Send Payment to"
  • Blue - Practice Information: Includes the address, phone number, and fax number. There is also an option to add the Tax ID on the statement for the patients.
  • Orange - Top of Statement Remarks: Allows you to add a title to the balance such as "Balance as of..." (Limit 100 characters)
  • Purple - Bottom of Statement Remarks: Allows you to add a disclaimer on the statements (Limit 4000 characters)
  • Pink - Due Date: Heno will generate this 30 days from the date you are viewing. This can be changed if needed
  • Green - Interest Rate: General Store needed for this feature. Will allow you to add interest to an unpaid statement.
  • Brown- Print Recent Payments: Includes payment references on the statement looking back a certain number of days.
  • Baby Blue- Print Paid Claims: Print lines where balance is 0 or less for visits in last x Days
  • Grey - Format: Allows you to select the type of envelope you will be using to send to the patient. There is A10, A9 and no address.
  • Light GreenInclude Balance (You will have the option of what you want to include on the statement. You can show the patient any adjustments made, any insurance payments, and any patient payments that have been applied)  
  1. Print adjustments: If checked will print the Adjustment Column on the patient statements 
  2. Include Store: Will include closed Store orders with Balances 
  3. Print Insurance Paid: If checked will print the Insurance Paid Column on the patient statements
  4. Including Pending PR: Checking this box will include Claims with Patient Responsibility (PR) Adjustments with Non-Zero balances and NOT set to "Bill Patient". Otherwise, only claims with a balance set to "Bill Patient" will be included. If multiple PR Adjustments for the same line are found Heno chooses the most recently received/entered PR Adjustment. Claims with PR Adjustments with balances >0 and NOT set to "Bill Patient" 
  5. Print Patient Paid: If checked will print the Patient Paid Column on the patient statements
  6. Print PR Details: Prints PR remarks from the most recent insurance payment with remarks for the given line. Does not print for claims with a 0 balance

Once the customization is completed, you will want to scroll to the bottom where the patients are located. This area will give great details on if the patient's balance is theirs or if there is a create.

  • Red - Filter to show what bucket you are in. (You can remove the filter to view all buckets at one time.)
  • Blue - Patient Name and their current status of treatment in the office. You can click on the patient's name to open their patient profile.
  • Orange - Will let you know if this patient has an email in Heno
  • Pink - Balances in Heno (Claim & General Store)
  • Green - Unapplied balance (or Credit) is the amount available to apply to the balance in Pink. You can click on this to view the unapplied payments in the patient's account
  • Purple - Will inform you of the first and last billed information to the patient with due dates. This will also show all open statements (This is appear in any bucket that isn't Never Billed)
  • Light blue - Any statement notifications put into the patient details
  • Grey - Print Formats: 
    • *New* A9 With Credit Card Payment
    • A9 - Envelope:
    • A10 - Envelope 
    • Exclude Patent Address

The next step would be to Generate Statements. On the new page, it will give you some great options for the statements:

  • Red - Email All: This allows you to email statements to the patients where they can pay online. (CardConnect and General Store needed for this) *10/17/2020 Release: Email without Credit Card Integration
  • Orange - Download All: This will give you a PDF of all statements in the batch
  • Purple - Cloud Download: This will allow you to preview the individual statement

You can add a payment link in the URL box below for patients to make direct payments online*, Website:  

*ONLY available with integrated CardConnect processing system

To access the batch after the close, you can go into the Billing tab > Statements 

Or inside the patient account inside the Statement tab:

When clicking on the statement number in either the batch or the patients account, you are able to close a paid statement:

If you do not see the patient inside of the statement batch it means the patient's claim is not set to bill patient, there are no patient responsibilities adjustments, or the general store order is still open.

To set a claim to bill patient, there are two areas. 

1. Inside the Claims tab (Patient's account or Billing tab), you are able to set multiple claims to bill patient by checking the boxes and using the Option 3. Assign to Bill Patient

2. Inside the claim > Claim Summary and switch the Claim Status to Bill Patient